Pursuit of Equality: Learn more about the film!

Pursuit of Equality

Celebrate Equality

An evening of food, fashion, and world-class entertainment in support of NO on 8- Equality California.

Friday, October 24th, 2008 - 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
The Bently Reserve
400 Sansome Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
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To increase awareness of the civil rights issue of equality which protects the institution of marriage, and to raise $150,000 for "NO on 8 - Equality California."
Current supporters, committee members, prominent San Francisco leaders, their friends and family. We expect 600 attendees at the event.
With the support of Civil Rights Activist and Honorary Chair Gavin Newsom, and the Award winning Film Director Geoff Callan, Wilkes Bashford and Christopher Bently will chair the black tie fundraising event Pursuit of Equality. This evening of food, fashion and world-class entertainment will be held at the historic Bently Reserve. Event Production & Stage Management provided by Leftwhich Events. A portion of the proceeds from this fundraiser will go to NO on 8-Equality California.
Toasts by:
Former Mayor Willie Brown
Award winning actress Rita Moreno
Chandon Celebrity Champagne Lounge
Fashion Forward Attire suggested
Dance to Elle Music's very own The All Stars followed by DJ TEXXX and his hottest tracks and the slickest beats.
Adorned Mosaic Wedding Cake bound for The Bently Reserve!

Host Committee Members

  1. Wilkes Bashford
  2. Christopher Bently
  3. Mayor Gavin Newsom
  4. Jennifer Siebel Newsom
  5. Geoff Callan
  6. Amber Marie Bently
  7. Adrienne Arieff
  8. Scott Sansone
  9. Joseph Swimmer
  10. Pam Dubier
  11. Pamela Ryan
  12. Andrea Coen
  13. Sam Leftwich
  14. Andrew Freeman
  15. Brian North
  16. Craig Lipton
  1. Donald Spradlin
  2. Brady Frey
  3. Mark Rhoades
  4. Erick Betancourt
  5. Russell Clower
  6. Julie Nunn Martin
  7. Thom Lynch
  8. Robert Gonas
  9. Erica Galos Alioto
  10. Joseph Alioto Jr.
  11. Maya Draisin Farrah
  12. Michael Farrah
  13. Kristin Fiore
  14. Ron Fiore
  15. Lori Puccinelli Stern
  16. Peter Stern
  1. Glenn McCoy
  2. Mike Shaw
  3. Kenneth Greer
  4. Anne Le Ziablatt
  5. Kelly Chamberlin
  6. Nancy Uber
  7. Donna Collings
  8. Michael Pace
  9. Niki Leondakis
  10. Yvonne Lembi-Detert
  11. Beth Schnitzer
  12. Kimberly Charles
  13. Emily Wines
  14. Kim Roberts
  15. Kamala Harris
  16. James Hormel
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